Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pillowcase Tote Bag

I've finally finished the tote I have been making out of some old pillowcases. Well, actually, it's reversible and I've only finished one side (the other still needs a pocket). What do you think? I have a ridiculous number of reusable grocery bags now. What I need to make is a way to remember to bring them to the store and the market. I've been at the market with the bag in my hand and still forgotten to use it.

Anyway, this bag is easy to make because there isn't much sewing involved. You can use the existing seams on the pillowcases. Because I wanted to make it reversible (and sturdy), I used two pillowcases I got at the thrift store. The little green patch on the front is a pocket that is just big enough for a cell phone and my keys.
Below are instructions from Martha Stewart Living that make a different pillowcase bag. From what I've seen on various blogs, this bag looks better if made of a patterned fabric. To me, the diagonal seem detracts from the whole bag and isn't as noticeable when using a patterned pillowcase. Plus, there are so many pillowcases with awesome vintage patterns on them!

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Laura! said...

I saw that on Martha's craft of the day I think! I like yours better. Mostly because it is Ralph Lauren.