Saturday, January 3, 2009

a cake and a cast

Here is a photo of the chocolate orange cake I made for my sister's birthday.It was very tasty but slightly rustic looking because my frosting gun broke. The bottom layer is covered in ganache that I bought at the farmer's market over the summer. Tthe top layer is frosted with an orange-infused chocolate buttercream.

In other news, I am hunting and pecking to type this post because I broke my left arm. I would love to say that I did it while I was saving a puppy, but truth is I slipped on an icy sidewalk. A common tale this winter. I can still surf the net but won't be doing too much crafting.


zayıflamak said...

Sie hat "eine bewegte Geschichte, die einer Idee, einer Vision entsprang

grubekl said...

Oh my! A broken arm?!!! I had one of those once too - it went away, but my was it pesky for awhile! Do you have a big ol' cast right up to your shoulder? If so, I highly recommend metal coat hangers - they bend easily and serve nicely as personal scratchers!

Also, who in the world is commenting in German to you? It doesn't even make sense....seems to be spam everywhere these days.

Cherish said...

Luckily, the cast is only to the elbow so not too bad.

Yeah, I looked up the translation of the german to make sure it wasn't obscene. Since it is only nonsensical, I think I'll leavr it up.

Alex said...

oh man! I hope you're ok. Heal well.