Sunday, October 24, 2010

Photos from Plated Desserts Class

My blog has been neglected. Trust me, it makes me feel both sad and guilty. The truth is that I haven't been doing anything fun outide of school.

Right now I'm in plated desserts class, where we learn how to put different components together and make them look good on the plate.

Above is a plate with two types of Tarte Tatin - pear and pineapple. They're served with a little swoosh of caramel and a big old dollop of sweetened whipped cream. Oh, and some beautiful fruit chips for garnish.

Above is a roasted banana with a reduced rum sauce, a raspberry coulis, and a passion fruit tuile (cookie) cup with banana ice cream inside.

Above is a poached pear with salted caramel, toasted walnuts, chai ice cream (melted before I could take the pic, unfortunately) and some more tuile cookies.

Puff pastry dessert called a Jalousie. This one is filled with pastry cream, raspberries, and banana slices. That's raspberry coulis on the plate.
Tempered chocolate garnishes - piped designs, cigarettes, and some butterflies.

Apple cranberry crisp with cranberry coulis and cinnamon ice cream. The dried cranberries on the plate are plumped up with sugar syrup.

Another crisp with the same ingredients, just plated differently.

Here's a chocolate caramel tart, sprinkled with sea salt. The sauce is a sour cream sauce and a raspberry coulis. Fresh raspberries, raspberry powder, and chocolate hearts are the garnishes.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

All Hallow's Eve is coming - bwa-ha-ha-ha!

Here is an easy and spooky project over at Martha Stewart Living:

Here are some links to some Halloween blogs I've recently discovered. They have some great ideas for spooky props!