Monday, July 5, 2010

Some Treats in Red, White, and Blue!

I made a few patriotic type treats this past week. Above is a pic of some red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. The pics below show two ways to decorate them. It's actually pretty easy, although a little time consuming, to make your own pinwheel decorations but I found these on sale! The other pic has some plastic stars on top, in addition to the blue and red sprinkles. That was kind of an accident, as my top-heavy cupcake rolled over onto the stars. Since the stars aren't edible, maybe just go with the sprinkles!

I also made a black-raspberry fool, shown below. I think I overbeat the whipped cream a little but it was still delicious. Just berries (of which we have a ton, having gone picking at a our favorite secret spot) and whipped cream, folded together.
Last, here is a pic below of the tart I made earlier this week. I used store-bought puff pastry because I had some I had to use up. It also has some pastry cream and I'll give the recipe and instructions for that in another post.

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