Sunday, January 27, 2008

Crepes with Orange Zest

For Saturday morning brunch, I felt the need for something that would seem like a luxurious treat but would actually be really simple to make. The answer is crepes! Some people would say these are more a dessert than a breakfast food but I say they are as much of a real food as doughnut, right? If you insist on having something more substantial with your crepes then make a savory crepe and fill with eggs or cheese or even some sausage or bacon. Crepes are extremely versatile!

A couple of notes on crepes:

  • It is best to let the batter rest in the fridge for atleast 30 minutes before cooking the crepes. In fact, you can make the batter up to two days ahead of time, so it's perfect for a brunch gathering.

  • Yes, it helps to have a little omelet or crepe pan. These are cheap, though, and worth it.

  • Please don't be intimidated by crepes! If you've ever made pancakes then you can make these.

Anywho, I used the sweet crepe recipe from "Joy of Cooking" and just added some orange zest to the batter (about a tablespoon). I made a raspberry sauce using fresh raspberries, a couple tablespoons of powdered sugar, 3 teaspoons of water, another tablespoon of orange zest, and two tablespoons of Harry & David's Orgegold Peach jam. I just heated it (not to boiling), mashing up the berries with spoon and stirring together. We also spread some of the Kumbe African chocolate sauce on the crepes (I got it at the St. Paul Farmer's Market last summer, but you can buy it online here:


Emily said...

CJ and I made steak and cheese sandwiches for dinner. It was delicious. Why can't you get a decent steak and cheese in Minnesota?

Hey we plan on having our annual anti -Superbowl Party this year. You guys should come down. You haven't visited in a while.

Laura! said...

Those crepes look way too delicious. Now I really want some crepes. And I feel inadequate because I have never made pancakes. Obviously, this means I will never be able to make crepes. Oh, the shame!

grubekl said...

Yummy yum yum! Crepes are my favorite - and a huge hit with my fam as well. They particularly enjoy them when filled with peaches and creme. Nutella and bananas is also quite delicious!