Monday, March 19, 2012

Ocean-Themed Cake

I had a request for an ocean/beach birthday cake for an adult. I knew I wanted something a little more sophisticated than most of the beach cakes that you see so decided to keep the color scheme simple and natural. I also wanted a nice balance of decorative elements. So many cakes look like the decorator just piled on fondant or chocolate decorations until they couldn't fit any more. What's that rule in fashion - get all dressed up and then take off two accessories? Something like that applies to cakes, too, I think.

I promise I will post the recipe for the actual cake soon! However, I was most excited about making the candy "sea glass", shells (white candy melts poured into molds and decorated with dark chocolate accents) and "sand" (Nilla wafers pulsed in the food processor).

I got the sea glass idea from here (another awesome Pinterest find!):

The technique is pretty easy but it takes a long time and you ABSOLUTELY need a candy (or digital cooking) thermometer.

Overall, the cake turned out pretty much exactly the way I envisioned with minimal drama! Yay!

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Anonymous said...

Nice! I look forward to the recipe.