Saturday, May 3, 2008

This and That

Some felt flowers I've been making this week. I haven't figured out exactly what I'm going to use them for yet. I'm thinking of embellishing some bags with them or maybe making a wall hanging.
Here is the tin I keep my buttons in. I received it from a woman I met years ago at a stress-reduction workshop. I only recently noticed the somewhat innappropriate wording on the tin - which just makes me laugh and treasure it more.

Last weekend I nabbed some great bargains at a yard sale. An artist was cleaning out her studio and I got all of the art books and the vintage cookbooks below - all for $5! I also scored a huge box of acrylic paints and a really cool portfolio.

Here is my favorite souvenir from Cape Cod. I find it increasingly difficult to find souvenirs that are cool and will serve as a little momento of a trip. I wonder if thrift stores wouldn't be the best place to find cool souvenirs? You get something somewhat unique, you aren't adding to the mounds of plastic crap in the universe, and you aren't spending a fortune. This thrift store was especially cool because the profits go to a no-kill Animal Shelter.

Finally, here is a shot of the birthday cake I made for Melanie's birthday. I love starfruit! Even if they tasted gross, I would probably love them for their aesthetic value alone. Luckily, they are tasty, too :)

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Laura! said...

1. Those felty flowers are looking good.
2. That cake was TASTY.
3. That thrift store was especially cool because there was a fox masquerading as a dog there!