Saturday, April 3, 2010

Macy's Flower Show

As promised, I'm reporting back about Macys Flower Show at the downtown Minneapolis Macys. They have gone back to setting it up in the 8th floor auditorium again so the lighting is funky - pretty dark with fairly obvious spotlighting. Despite that (and the crowds! note to self: don't go during spring break next year), there were many charming little scenes and views. It also smelled heavenly, thanks in large part to the bountiful lilacs!

Above is a very cute elf house, complete with a little elf door. No elf to be seen, though; he must've been on vacay.

Above is a pic of the flock of butterflies hanging from the ceiling. Below are the somewhat strange mushrooms located in the elf's front yard. Don't the roses look a little weird?


store windows on twitter said...

Wow, beautiful! thank you for sharing!

Alex said...

There was an elf! Or a troll or whatever. He was made out of plaster or something and it was just his giant face coming out of the soil of one of the flower beds, and his hair was a bunch of plants.

Also, I have a fairy door on the tree in my front yard. I'm pretty proud of it. :)