Friday, June 11, 2010


It has been raining like crazy lately. That means that mushrooms are popping up all over. I think they're fascinating - alien-looking, those perfect soft frills on the underside that I am compelled to smoosh, rounded caps and sturdy little stems. And they fade away as quickly as they seem to pop up! Perfect one day and black or brown squishy or dried out piles the next.

Now I am no mycologist (mushroom expert), but I basically separate them into several different categories: smurf houses, tutus or inside-out umbrellas, cafe dining umbrellas (like the big white one below, that is an unopened cafe umbrella, see?), sea barnacle/coral types, puffballs (not pictured but you know what I mean), lilypads, and Crazy (which has many subcategories).

I don't eat mushrooms for the same reason I don't like patchouli - they smell/taste like dirt. The bright side is that I will never be poisoned by a questionable wild mushroom, right?

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Emily said...

Those are the best mushroom classifications I have ever heard of - you are the coolest.