Sunday, January 29, 2012

This Weekend

The view from the (frigid, windy) bridge across the Mississippi, heading from our neighborhood down to the Winter Carnival parade....

...and the white squirrel who lives in the tree next to our house. We call him "Al" - actually, we call all white squirrels Al (short for Albino). I think he's happy that there is finally a little snow around to camouflage himself.

The parade was fun! There were Vulcans and Klondike Kates (crazy traditions that I barely understand), bands, and unicyclers.

A trip to Mojo Monkey Donuts! Yay! This place is right on my way to work and has been open for months. Lucky for my waistline that I hate getting up early more than I love donuts :) Still, it's gotten rave reviews so I was excited that I had time to stop by this morning.

Mmmm....Mango Coconut, Maple Bacon, and Carrot Cake! I tried all three. My favorite was the mango coconut and I'm not usually a huge fan of raised donuts. Delicious!

This orange guy on the dashboard always looks like he's looking disapprovingly at the speedometer. The purple dude is dejected because the weekend is over.

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