Monday, April 8, 2013

Rainbow Cake Topper (Using Paper Straws!)

Cute rainbow cake topper. And a bucketload of rainbow sprinkles.
The colors for this spring have been white and various shades of grey. Blah Blah Blah.  I made this cake for St. Patrick's day/celebration of my sister's 11/12th birthday (yes, she likes to remind me every month how long until her next birthday).

This is an easy type of "banner" to make. Simply cut colorful paper straws into smaller sections. String your straw "beads" onto a length of embroidery floss or twine. The heart is made from some sparkly glitter paper with a little "tag" that is folded over to string it on. The side supports are more straws slipped over wooden skewers for extra support. I couldn't find any tape so I tied the thread to the side supports. Tape (or cool washi tape) would be much easier.

You could make the cake white or blue for a rainbow-themed party! There are so many types and patterns of paper straws available. I got mine from Target! There are a ton of options of these websites:

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