Sunday, April 7, 2013

Macy's Flower Show Minneapolis (The Painted Garden) - Part 2

This year's theme for the Macy's Flower Show was "The Painted Garden". Here is how their website describes it:

"Drenched in a spectacular palette of colors, this year's show evokes the inspiring architecture and vibrant spirit of south Asia"

This little elephant is just a preview of the one in the actual showroom on the 8th Floor.

Dozens of these colorful umbrellas hung from the ceiling of the showroom. 

This little display was pretty but definitely weird because they obviously painted the trees. Huh?! 

I just loved all of the bright colors here....the orange and blue works so well here.

I love the idea of this little cut out and the red and purple colors together.

The dark, cavernous lighting actually highlights the beauty of this dogwood tree. 

This elephant is obviously the focal piece of the flower show, greeting visitors when you first  walk in.
The elephant's flower blanket is so beautiful! It must have taken such a long time to create.

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