Thursday, January 22, 2015

Inspiration: Paintings by Marisa Redondo

I have been using this super amazing planner to keep track of and plan my Year of Awesome. I love love love the illustrations in it! As a totally unexpected bonus, it's actually really laid out well (unlike most planners). Here's where I gush about my planner (yes, I am a big old nerd). It has a two page spread of each month at the beginning, for a quick overview. Then it starts with the weeks, giving each one a two-page spread. The best part is there a place for notes each week and then extra random blank pages between the months. Also, special pages for Books to Read, Movies to See, Restaurants to Try, etc.  It's like the person who designed this planner is inside my brain. Yay? Maybe they can declutter a little while they're in there.

So, back to the illustrations. So inspiring! Lovely nature illustrations and cute (but not cutesy) little animals. The artist is Marisa Redondo. She has both a website, blog and Etsy shop and all can be accessed here:
The planner is from here and they have lots of other cute calendars:

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