Sunday, January 18, 2015

Awesome List #35: Lake Harriet Kite Festival

The first thing accomplished on my Awesome List! Yes!

It was a great day for a kite festival! As you can see, it was a little cloudy and there was some wind gusting BUT the weather was pretty warm...well, for January (but not too warm to make it unsafe to go out on the ice).

There were tons of people enjoying the nice day. Some walking dogs, pulling kids on sleds, kids just messing around on the ice. A lot of kids just messing around on the ice- making forts, clearing patches to look down into the lake, sliding around and landing in piles.

This carp/koi kite was impressive. There was a real method to getting up in the air. One person needed to open the mouth and get it filled with air and one maneuvering the string to get it up in the air. I like this photo because it looks like the carp is hunting the other kite.

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