Saturday, September 15, 2007

First Post - Lemon and Raspberry Cupcakes

My first post! Welcome to my blog.

More about me later, I'm sure, but for now here is a shot of the cupcakes I made this week for a coworker's birthday. I wanted to do something a little different for her so asked what kind of flavors she liked together. Turns out one of her favorite treats is lemon yogurt with berries.

I toyed with the idea of making a cake containing yogurt. However,since I was in a hurry and making these on a work night, I used lemon cake mix (but used butter instead of vegetable oil). I did make the frosting from scratch, though. I used a cream cheese frosting recipe that I found on Cream together a litte butter, some cream cheese, some vanilla, and a lot of sugar..... and voila! A frosting way better than the canned kind (plus no weird preservatives) with minimal effort.

I tried to give these a filling of raspberry jam but it didn't quite work out. Way back in high school I had a choice between taking Home Ec 101 or Horticulture and stupidly chose Home Ec. One of the few things I remember that we made were muffins with a jam "surprise" in the middle. Otherwise, I don't think I learned anything else that semester (our "recipes"were things like how to make sandwiches and a fruit dip that consisted of yogurt and sugar). So, anyway, I thought, "hey, cupcakes are pretty much like muffins, right?" Well, as it turns out - not so much. I think the cupcake batter is too light and fluffy to hold up the jam. Plus, I used one of those "simply fruit" types of jam. End result was a raspberry-bottomed cupcake, which was okay but not what I was going for, really.

If I had taken Horticulture instead of Home Ec. maybe my houseplants would be thriving instead of barely clinging to life. But then I wouldn't know the secret of that great fruit dip.......

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