Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hamburger Cake - Better Than It Sounds

Here is the cake I made for the company picnic last Saturday. People were very impressed by it, which I have to say made me feel a bit of a fraud. This was a really easy cake to make. Well, it should have been, anyway. The first time I made the yellow cake "bun" layer, I didn't grease the baking pan enough. So, I had to make another layer in order to get the bottom and top of the bun. The "burger" is a single layer of chocolate cake. The condiments are buttercream frosting, dyed the appropriate color.
I will say that it did look pretty cute and tasted better than I expected. I was worried that it would be dry. The copious amount of frosting layers (mayo, cheese, and ketchup) made up for the fact that rest of the cake wasn't frosted.
Kids especially were really wowed by this cake. I think they had a hard time wrapping their minds around a cake shaped like a burger.


Melanie said...

This is the most beautiful blog I have ever seen.

Liz said...

I hope you know, Hannah points to pictures of hamburgers and talks about how "Cherry" made a cake like "that"

Anonymous said...

Cherish, your cake making skills have come a long way from Brian's War Cake. I am proud of you. -Eileen P.