Sunday, April 6, 2008

Necklace Holder

Here is a simple and inexpensive project and a cool way to keep your necklaces from getting tangeled. If you are like me, you usually take them off and plop them down wherever - or, if you are especially tidy, you keep them tumbled together in a jewelry box.

Anyway, I came across this idea on a blog the other day (I would give credit but have no idea which blog). All you need is a cheap picture frame (I got mine at Walgreens for five bucks), some suction hooks, and some decorative paper or fabric. Cut the fabric/paper to size, slip it behind the glass, put the glass back on, and arrange the suction cups however you'd like.

The other nice thing about this project is that there isn't anything permanent about it. If you get tired of the background, just change the fabric/paper. You can also change the hooks around however you want.

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