Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sugar Sugar

After a very busy summer, I'm trying to get caught up on my posting. I visited Sugar Sugar, a candy store in south Minneapolis devoted to old-fashioned, gourmet, and hard to find candy. You must think I spent the whole summer going to candy stores (I wish) but my visit to Sugar Sugar was way back in July. The shop itself is super cute and the proprietor, Joni Wheeler, is both friendly and knowledgeable.

I tried to limit myself to just a few treats but it was difficult! I ended up focusing on chocolate, which is funny because it was (no joke) 100 degrees the day I visited. Holy Smokes! No problem, though, as Joni thoughtfully packed my chocolates with some little ice packs to keep them cool on the ride home.

I ended up with two Komforte brand chocolate bars (Ramen Noodle and Tortilla Lime), a bag of sour gummy worms, a Bing Cherry treat, a bag of chocolate-covered caramel bites, and a bag of chocolate-covered ginger.

Of the two chocolate bars, I was expecting to really like the Ramen Noodle and wasn't sure about the Tortilla Lime. As it turned out, the Ramen Noodle was nothing special, really - the chocolate was delicious but the noodle part really added very little but crunch. The Tortilla Lime, though....mmm-mmm, the flavors were all perfectly balanced.

The gummy worms were another surprise. I wasn't even thinking of getting any until Joni offered me a sample. Delicious! Perfect gummy consistency (not hard on the outside like some gummies) and, again, perfect balance of sweet and sour. I'm pretty sure I ate half the bag before I even got home.

The chocolate-covered caramels and ginger were both delicious - obviously made with high-quality ingredients. The cherry candy was a little strange - a chocolate covered cherry with nougat and peanuts. Not really my thing but still pretty good.

If you're looking for something quirky, something nostalgic, candy from other countries, or candy for a gift, I'd recommend Sugar-Sugar, for sure.
Address: 3803 Grand Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55409

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