Friday, September 2, 2011

Minnesota State Fair

I got to the fair very early this year. Most of the buildings were not even open yet! The great part about it was that it was so much easier to take good pictures! Normally, it is practically impossible to get a pic without a random head or arm sticking in front of it. I got some good pics of the carousel before it was turned on. Cool!

I always try to do a little research before I head out to the fair (yes, I am a Fair Nerd and I take my visit seriously). This year, I decided to try the Sweet Corn ice cream (new this year at the Blue Moon Diner).

I had a hard time deciding what topping to get and limited funds. I finally went with blueberry but kinda wished I had decided on the honey butter bacon because the blueberry was delicious but overpowered the delicate corn flavor of the ice cream. It was still delicious!

I also caught a couple shows, including.....

Street Corner Symphony! Did anyone else watch The Sing-Off on tv last season? I started watching because Ben Folds was one of the judges (love him so much!) but was very impressed with all of the singing groups. I kinda wanted to get my picture taken with them but was too shy :)

I got to the "Miracle of Birth" barn right when it opened at 9am. I am a sucker for the piglets, lambs, and kids!

My nephew played a little pinball, which was pretty awesome (and one of the few things open before 9am). I didn't play the Guns 'N' Roses pinball, shown below, but it looked pretty awesome.

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