Thursday, January 24, 2008

Simon's glamour shot, organizing, and new blog idea

Here is a picture I took of the adorable Simon. He looks like he is posing, doesn't he? I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille......
As I may have mentioned, I signed up for a beginning watercolor class. It's a community ed class and, unfortunately, after attending the first class, I decided it wasn't really what I'm looking for. I need a class that teaches basic watercolor techniques, and this class was more focused on self-expression. Anyway, I cancelled the class. Instead, I'll work on my technique at home and post a new watercolor painting every Wednesday. I'm a day late, but this apple is my first and last painting from my class and the first Watercolor Wednesday posting.

Last, I am organizing all of my art and craft supplies. I'm armed with a label maker and a bunch of plastic bins. Nothing can stop me now!

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Laura! said...

That is totally a glamour shot. Oh, Simon. One day he'll do big things.
Also, Melanie and I just discussed the watercolor technique issue and I think finding tapes would be an excellent alternative. Seek out the watercolor version of Bob Ross! I just hope his or her hair is equally crazy or at least close. I am skeptical that it is possible, though.