Thursday, January 10, 2008

Great in 2008

That is my new motto. There are lots of words that rhyme with eight, which I thought of "create in 2008!" but that doesn't really encompass all that I want to do.

I love making lists and so actually enjoy making New Year's resolutions (not so much the keeping of the resolutions, though). However, resolutions typically tend to be more on the serious side - always trying to improve ourselves and vowing to resist all temptations this year. So, here is just a list of things I would like to do this year.

My List, So Far
  • Renew Passport
  • Go Camping (at least twice)
  • Buy a digital camera
  • Start an Etsy Shop
  • Keep blogging regularly
  • Comment more on other blogs
  • Display a painting at the Alumni art exhibit this summer
  • Split a CSA share with friends
  • Learn how to use a sewing machine
  • Attend Sunday life drawing sessions at MCAD
  • Pick berries at a U Pick place
  • Go Canoeing on Lake Calhoun
  • Take a small business class (already enrolled for February!)
  • Visit UW Superior
  • Grow a windowsill herb garden
  • Volunteer work relating to teaching
  • Start/join an Artist Trading Card group
  • Show art at a coffee shop
  • Have professional slides made of my art
  • Make a cake successfully from scratch
  • Visit the Museum of Russian Art and the Weisman Museum


CJ said...

That's a great list. And now there's an easy way for all of us to check it again come next year.

Cherish said...

Thanks, C.J.! That's one reason why I wanted to post them here, so I can keep checking to see what I've accomplished. Maybe I will revisit the list in June sometime...

Laura! said...

Well Cherish, you are already aware of my 2008 motto: I hate 2008. That is not true (YET) but I do like to say it!
I might steal your list idea because I love lists! I also love talking about myself as much as possible and I haven't been doing enough of that lately on my blog so this will be a nice addition to a series of my blah blah blahs.
Also, I think your list is GREAT!

Emily said...

I think I need to make my own list but I don't even know what to put on it.

Alex said...

I have a sewing machine that I don't know how to use! When I was in high school, I got really into the idea of making my own clothes for like a day, and since my dad completely indulges me, he bought me a sewing machine. I used it a little, but then it started to seem like it wasn't working properly. I don't know if it wasn't working or if I just got sick of it, but I have one, if you don't have one, and I'd like to try again. So we should have sewing machine sessions. There's my life story.

What's an Etsy shop?