Sunday, March 2, 2008

White and Gold Birthday Cake

Here is my latest commission - a white cake with gold accents. Silver and gold was requested, but did you know that silver dragees are quite expensive? Maybe if I buy them in bulk then it would be worthwhile, but $10.99 at the grocery store for a little bottle is way too much. Anywho, my friend seemed happy with the cake and I was mostly satisfied. I tried all of the components (cake and icings) separately, but hope it tasted good all together. The piping is, um, rustic, to put it nicely, because my sister has my icing gun thing at her house. I also realized I need to get more cake pans; I only have a few sizes and that's pretty limiting.

The cake itself is the White II butter cake recipe from The Joy of Cooking, with some colored sprinkles in the batter for a "funfetti" look (requested by the birthday girl). The frosting between the layers is cream cheese and the frosting on the outside of the cake is just a quick buttercream. For the decorations, I cut star shapes from white fondant and painted them gold with luster dust mixed with lemon extract (the extract is clear and the alcohol in it evaporates, so it works well for this kind of decorating).


Anonymous said...

I "seemed" happy?? I LOVED it and so did the birthday girl!!

Delicious too. Especially at 3:00 am ;-)


Emily said...

There is no need to blame others - tsk tsk.

Laura! said...

That cake looks wonderful! Hooray!