Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Trip to THE Mall

Took my life in my hands and made a trip to the Mall of America last weekend. That's right - America's largest mall, on the weekend, in DECEMBER. Actually, it wasn't too crazy except that parking was a little wack. Anyway, I really love the wreath "nests" they have up this year! It seems like something I could easily do at home - on a much smaller scale, of course!
Here's a picture of one of the ginormous Christmas trees in the rotunda. Below is a detail that shows the instrument ornaments decorating the tree.

And, hey, surprise! Nigella Lawson was there, signing her new cookbook. I didn't have a cookbook or time to stand in line so only got this blurry pic from the next floor up. Good thing I didn't happen to go the next day instead - Sarah Palin was there signing her new book :(

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