Saturday, March 6, 2010

Thrift Score

Had a good trip to the thrift store today (Savers), which isn't always the case. We were looking for new dining room chairs (anyone who has been to my place can tell you that the old ones are literally falling apart) but weren't so lucky in the furniture department. BUT - look at the cool vintage textiles I found. Especially loving the granny square afghan and the floral print on top (a photo with detail below).
I also found a great Sunset (like the magazine) cookbook from 1960 with truly awesome illustrations. I don't think the woman who owned this cooked anything from it (or she was a particularly neat cook) as there is not a mark on it except on one of the dessert pages.

As always, the mismatched dishes drew my eye. I ended up with two of these strawberry print ones from Mikasa and the little blue saucer shown in the bottom pic.

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