Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Saint Paul Winter Carnival Ice Sculptures - Part 1

Cathedral of Saint Paul - all lit up for Crashed Ice!

Thursday night I walked over to Rice Park in Saint Paul to check out the ice-sculpting competition. I happened to be right by the Cathedral of Saint Paul and got this beautiful picture of it all it up. The Red Bull Crashed Ice competition is taking place in Saint Paul again this year and they've timed it so it takes place during Winter Carnival. I'm too wimpy to stand out in the cold to watch but I've seen some of it on TV. Totally crazy!
The ice sculpture version of the cathedral
 I meandered around the park, checking out a few of the smaller sculpture displays (not part of the competition, just for fun)

The beginnings of an awesome archway. I'll show you the finished piece in the next post!
The teams had started their sculptures that morning and still had a long way to go! You have to admire these folks. Those blocks are HEAVY...and did I mention it was really dang cold? Like "I can't feel my nose or forehead anymore" type of cold.

FYI, power tools are allowed.  Working so hard on something that is just going to melt seems a lot like slaving for hours over a cake that is just so going to get eaten. Slightly crazy.
...and did I mention it's cold? And dark?

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