Friday, February 1, 2013

Saint Paul Winter Carnival 2013: Ice Sculptures - Part 2

I went back to Rice Park last Saturday to see the completed sculptures. I think they were judging them that morning because I saw people walking around them with clipboards. It was pretty incredible how much work the teams accomplished in such a short time (they had about 24 hours, I think).
The awesome archway is completed! This Jack Frost sculpture won the first prize in this group sculpting competition.

I like the columns on this one!

I liked the humor in this "prehistoric" ice sculpture. I wonder who will win in this battle? I'm kind of hoping it's the sabertooth tiger. Sorry, Cavey.

Spiderman, Spiderman.....doo doo doo...spiderman. Check out this dynamic Spiderman ice sculpture!

I took several pictures of this Calvin and Hobbes ice sculpture. Love it!

This one was my favorite!  Look at the expression on this face! Whimsical but slightly twisted :)

Snow Place Like Home

This one is such a creative concept - a puppet show sculpted in ice! I wonder how hard it was to stabilize the "strings" ?

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