Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Nope, not scenes from the 80's horror/sci-fi classic film starring Scott Grimes. Just some little critters we spotted while camping at Mille Lacs Kathio State Park. I believe that the turtle above may be a baby snapping turtle. We rescued him from the road even though he will probably grow up to be one of those horrible, evil creatures that terrified me while swimming in the nearby pond as a kid.
At least two chipmunks lived under our cabin and visited us often. I thought chipmunks had short little stubby tails? I guess there are several different kinds....

Here is a shot of one of the many billions of crayfish that we found at the swimming beach at Father Hennepin State Park. Seriously, there were tons of these guys washed up ashore by the pounding waves (super windy last Saturday). It makes you wonder - how many are in the LAKE, then? And, more importantly, do I want to swim amongst them?


Emily said...

OK - so we got Turtle Tuesday, but what happened to Watercolor Wednesday. I use those for my desktop on my computer. Do I have to look at a turtle for a week?

Cherish said...

Watercolor Wednesday will be back next week. I guess it's a turtle for you this week :)