Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Watercolor Wednesday

Here is a painting that I did a little over a week ago, using watercolor and crayon. I used Photoshop to change the colors on the one below. What do you think? I don't understand the controversy surrounding painters using Photoshop. It's a tool like anything else, right? Unless you are a very traditional artist, mixing your pigments and doing everything as they did pre-1800, I guess. I bet those guys would have loved to have Photoshop, though :)P I guess there are some painters who disapprove of painting from a photograph, but I say whatever works for the artist is okay with me.

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Emily said...

I think it is perfectly acceptable for artists to use whatever tools get them to their desired outcome. There are lots of artists who ONLY work with digital media? Are people outraged at that as well?

I used to use images as a jumping off point for my silkscrren works in college. I photoshopped the hell out of them until I had what I wanted to use. A lot of that started with photographs or drawings that I did that the end product resembled in almost no way.

What to call them though? Is it mixed media because it started as a painting or is it only digital media because it is no longer a physically painted work?