Friday, June 12, 2009

My Little House or The Importance of Curb Appeal

I asked my sister, Emily to make me a little ceramic house for a tabletop garden. She was kind enough to say yes. After a few weeks and a million annoying questions from me (is it done yet? No? How about now?) I received this cute little cottage below. The roof lifts up and there is a sturdy "patio" base.I originally planted the "yard" with Corsican mint and thyme. The thyme was scraggly but hardy. Not so the mint, which died the day after planting, leaving me with the embarrassment of a "lawn" below. Now, I'm not one of those crazy lawn people, and if it was covered in dandelions then we'd be golden, as far as I'm concerned. However, dead and brown lumps of former vegetation wasn't the look I was going for..... I dug up some weeds and planted them. Weeds are supposed to be hardy, right? These better not die or I might have to go with a rock garden/zen garden/sand type of thing.

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