Thursday, July 16, 2009

What's For Dinner?

When you get a weekly CSA delivery, you really have to figure out how to use all those vegetables. Otherwise, you don't get your money's worth plus I really hate wasting all that food. Unfortunately, I don't like pickled foods. So, we've been trying to make some easy meals that use up the random vegetables.

Above is a pizza made from 1/2 a pita, canned diced tomatoes (drained), some pesto, and little mozzarella. I put it under the broiler for about 4-5 minutes and it was done.
We are also trying to cut our carb intake so have to be a little more creative that way, too. Above is a stuffed red pepper stuffed with a filling of black beans, tomatoes, summer squash, and onion and topped with a little cheddar. I think the seasoning was just a little garlic, s&p, red pepper flakes and basil.
I made this crustless quiche in honor of Bastille Day. It is a basic quiche recipe with a few adjustments. The recipe called for six eggs but I used two whole eggs and the rest was egg whites (the kind you get in a carton at the store). I also used two percent milk but would recommend using whole milk or half and half as my quiche wasn't as firm as I'd like. The recipe called for 2 cups of cheese so I used half sharp cheddar and half mozzarella. I sauteed some veggies (swiss chard, broccoli, early onion, and some garlic scapes) and added those to the mixture right before baking. The potato wedges were baked in the oven and were also an attempt to use up my CSA vegetables.


Alex said...

yuuuuummmm. I approve of all the cheeses.

CJ said...

Looks tasty. I forget about stuffed peppers when trying to decide about dinner, but it is a tasty option.

Liz said...

Please invite me over for dinner!