Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Links!

Here's a photo of the ghost cupcakes I made last year. These are pretty easy - a dollop of frosting with chocolate chip eyes. I sprinkled some sugar on them for sparkle but it ended up looking weird. I don't recommend it.
 Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been having technical (and other) difficulties. I WILL post thirteen Halloween posts but they may not be on thirteen different days. Here are some pics of my cupcakes I made last year, with some tips for making them. Also, some great Halloween links:

These are pretty easy. Frost the cupcakes as you normally would (I just put a big dollop of frosting on). Pour orange sprinkles in a bowl or on a sheet of wax paper and press the cupcake into the sprinkles. The faces are made with melted chocolate and the stems are just more buttercream.
For these festive swirls, I just put three different colors of frosting in my piping bag, trying to "stripe" them in but it doesn't really matter. You could also paint stripes on the inside of your bag with gel food coloring, which would give you a similar look.

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I want the first one with the choco chips!!! :)