Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Did you know there are different types of kaleidoscopes? I got this one at Target on clearance ($3.50) and have playing around with it. It's called a teleidoscope. Here is the definition of a teleidoscope according to this super informative website on kaleidoscopes:
"There is no endpiece containing color, only a clear lens that turns everything it is pointed toward into a kaleidoscopic image. It’s been said that the ultimate value of the teleidoscope is the potential each viewer has to see the artistic value in his own environment."

The website sells some beautiful kaleidoscopes in addition to giving the history of them. Here is a link to the part of the website that tells about the inventor, Sir David Brewster.

I took these photos that show what you see looking through the lens. I thought they were pretty. They remind me of models of different viruses or bacteria or something under a miscroscope. They also slightly resemble photos from outerspace (nebulae and such).

What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

The pics are so cool. Could you plz bring your teleidoscope to work? hehe