Thursday, August 16, 2012


Last weekend I visited my sister who lives in Northfield. In our journey to get a gluten-free pizza, we ended up making a trip to the town of Faribault (pronounced Fair Bo - it's French, yo!). After dinner, we sort of stumbled across a festival on the main street (The Blue Collar BBQ Festival). Bonus!

Like a lot of small towns in Minnesota, there is basically a small historic "downtown" area that consists of just a couple of streets with cute little shops. I don't know that I would put "Faribault, Minnesota" on my top ten lists of hot vacation spots but it definitely makes for a nice little outing if you are down that way (maybe combine a trip to Northfield, Faribault, and Nerstrand Big Woods State Park )
We stopped at The Cheese Cave to sample the wares and buy some local cheeses. Apparently, they do private tastings and other fun stuff in addition to selling cheese and other gourmet food stuffs

The main street has a sweets shop (picture below), a bike shop, a music store, an old-timey barbershop, a crafts store, an AWESOME antiques store (see my next post) and several little cafes
This mannequin head cracks me up. " you think this wig brings out the red, white, and blue in my eyes?"
You can find out tons of info on Faribault on their website: or this short piece that was done on Kare-11 News a while ago:

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