Thursday, August 30, 2012

State Fair Cupcake: Corn!

Well, it's still State Fair week, which means another fair-themed cupcake!

One thing I try to get at the fair is a roasted ear of corn. It gives the illusion of healthiness as it isn't fried or processed too much. However, it pays to keep in mind that the roasted ear is dipped in melted butter prior to serving!  Anyway, the corn stand is extremely popular and always has a crowd milling about in front. Don't let the mob intimidate you, though - the line moves pretty fast. Here are some reasons you should get some:

  • Support your state farmers! The fair is supposed to be an agricultural event, after all.
  • Celebrate the fact that Minnesota's corn crop has done pretty well, considering the drought in most of corn country.
  • It's only three bucks!
  • The cobs are all composted! Yay!
  • Did I mention it's dipped in butter?
Here's a good article about the corn guy at the fair that also touches on the difficulty of getting into the fair as a vendor:

Okay, here's the low down on this cupcake. You've probably seen this idea around before. I got it from the awesome cupcake-decorating book called, "Hello, Cupcake!"   Most times people show three cupcakes side by side to make a whole cob, but I thought just one was cute (even if it's not the right shape). This one is covered in yellow jelly belly beans for the "kernels" and a yellow starburst for the "butter". I bought the candy at a candy store in downtown Minneapolis called "Amy's Confections".

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Anonymous said...

So cute! And super creative! -A