Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sculptures on my lunch break

I often take a walk around downtown during my lunch break. I have a only thirty minutes (and they are very strict about it) so I have to figure out places where I can go and still get back in time. I often go to Barnes and Noble (yay books!) but that can be dangerous to my wallet. Another frequent destination is the Central Library bookstore (yay MORE books!) which is slightly less dangerous. The other day I decided to travel a little further out so that I could share some photos of one of my very favorite sculptures/parks downtown.
Here is a photo of Minneapolis City Hall. I like it because it looks like a castle or chateau of some kind. I've often thought it would be cool to live here if the apocalypse ever comes. But then I think about having to defend all of those windows. Hmmm, impractical.

The park and sculptures are another block over.
These sculptures are in the plaza of the U.S. Courthouse. A quick google search shows that the artist is Tom Otterness and the work is called, "Rockman". They are made from bronze.
When these sculptures were first installed, I remember reading an editorial saying that they weren't appropriate for a federal courthouse building. They were too "whimsical". Well, you know what I say to that...
Geez, it's not like you can have too much whimsy in your life. I daresay the people who have to spend time at the courthouse could probably use an extra dose of whimsy.
These guys kind of remind me of the Mr. Men and Little Miss characters by Roger Hargreaves (yes, I had to google that to get the name of the artist. Sir Google and I are bff).

Remember those guys?

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I'm gonna have to go check out the sculptures sometime! :)