Saturday, September 1, 2012

State Fair Cupcake: Ring Toss!

Happy September! We still have a couple more days of the fair left, which means it's still summer right?

Here's another fair-themed cupcake! This one represents the Mighty Midway, specifically the games.  I tried to represent the rides, somehow, but just couldn't make my toothpick ferris wheel work (just kidding).

I happen to be terrible at both games of skill and games of chance. I like games that take longer because there's a longer period of time between paying and losing.

 Anyway, this cupcake represents the ring toss game. Yes, I realize my lifesaver "ring" is not large enough to fit over the wax bottle candy. As far as I'm concerned, these games are impossible, anyway, so it's a pretty realistic representation.

Side note - those wax bottles with the candy liquid in them are so gross. There's, like, a half teaspoon of sugary liquid and then you're left with a big chunk of wax to chew on. Uh....yum?

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Anonymous said...

Love the cupcake and love the picture! -A