Saturday, May 22, 2010

Amazing Treehouses

Did you have a treehouse when you were a kid? I didn't but my sisters and I constantly badgered my dad to build treehouses, forts, go-carts, and lemonade stands. We did eventually have a fort, of sorts, but it was really just the topper to his pick-up that was held up by sawhorses. You had to crawl in and then couldn't quite stand upright.

Anywho, treehouses have come a long way since I was a kid and seem to be quite in fashion for adults. Check out the treehouse pictured above, designed by Kobayashi Takashi

The treehouse in this one above is a module by this company - Cool but spendy.

A great resource and website about treehouses is http:// They have basic guidelines and instructions for building a treehouse, design custom houses, and one of the fellows - Pete Nelson - has written a couple of books called Treehouses of the World and New Treehouses of the World.

And, most exciting, did you know that there are treehouses you can stay in while on vacation? The one below is Fernie Caste Treehouse in Scotland. You can find a listing of places here:

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