Sunday, May 9, 2010

School Project

This Thursday we have our final project for this six week term. We are to present a dessert table that includes products from several different categories. Everyone in my class has been thinking all term about what his/her theme will be. Mine is Garden Party. Above is a rough sketch of my products and garnish/presentation. My idea was to draw all of the desserts individually and then I'll cut them out so that I can play around with different arrangements on paper.

Below are practice meringues I made last week. I never could get the hat shape to work out. I hate to give up but I had to come up with something that would definitely work because the meringues are the first thing I'll have to prepare (since they keep quite well.) So, my new idea is meringue flowers on lollipop sticks. Can you tell from my sketch what their container will be?

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