Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mock-up for Dessert Table

Tomorrow is the big day - our dessert table practical exam. This one is different than previous practical exams because there will be actual "customers" (our family and friends) who will be eating our food. Also, the presentation counts for quite a bit, as opposed to most practical exams where we just bring our stuff up to Chef on a sheet tray for grading.

Anywho, we have just a couple of hours tomorrow (seems like a lot of time but it's NOT, believe me) to prepare before grading and before our customers arrive. I still have a lot of garnishing to do and such so wanted to make sure I knew exactly what I needed to bring to class and where I was going to place everything on the table. I did a little mock-up/trial run at home and took a pic so I can refer to it tomorrow when I'm frantically trying to set everything up at the last minute (I know myself too well; if I have 20 minutes then I'll get it done in 20 minutes. If I have two hours it will take me two hours.) The big grey thing in the middle is the bundt pan I used for my cake; there will be actual cake tomorrow. The blue vase is also a place-holder for real food.

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