Friday, May 21, 2010

Night at the Guthrie

I'm rushing to get this done before midnight and a little tired to boot, so excuse the brevity. Tonight I went to see a play at the Guthrie Theater. Here are some views from the endless bridge during intermission:
The Gold Medal Flour Sign - an iconic sign in Minneapolis. The Guthrie is located right in the old milling district and just down a little from the Mill City Museum (and next door to the Mill City Farmer's Market!)

A view of the "new" 35W bridge that they built after the collapse. I've never see it at night from this angle, all lit up.

Here is the Stone Arch Bridge and, although its hard to see, the Pillsbury Flour sign lit in the background.
We went to Spoonriver for a post-theater treat. It's operated by Brenda Langdon, who helped to found the Mill City Farmer's market and who is an outspoken advocate of organic, local and in season food.

My friend and I split the "bete noir", which was a slice of dense flourless chocolate cake, served with white chocolate and passion fruit curd on the plate and garnished with a sesame cookie and small chocolate-covered crispies. The pic isn't that great (lighting in restaurants is always sub-par for taking photos) but it was delicious!

I almost forgot to take a pic of the Guthrie itself. And did I forget to mention that I enjoyed the play? Below is another pic of Gold Medal Flour sign, much later in the evening and getting close to my bedtime. Time to head home :)

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