Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Little Inspiration to Keep Me Going

*nope, this is not my work - design by Amy Atlas Events and pic by Andrew McCaul

We are working on our products all week for our dessert table presentation on Thursday. It is basically a four day test and could make some people (ahem) obsess a little. Seriously, it's crazy-making but fun to be able to pick what we want to make for a change, put our own spin on it, and present it in a way that shows our style.

When I need inspiration, I head over to Amy Atlas Events' website and blog to get ideas and to remember what I'm shooting for (not that this little ol' beginning pastry student can compare - YET.) Check out the pic above - so cool!

Check it out at www.amyatlas.com and www.amyatlas.blogspot.com

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