Saturday, September 15, 2012

371 Diner

While on our trip up to Cragun's Resort over Labor Day, we had breakfast at this extremely cool diner. To tell the truth, I was disappointed that Brainerd and Baxter weren't very cute towns. Even this cute diner was on a decidely uncute highway. You guessed it - Hwy 371 in Baxter, MN.
This diner has obviously been built or renovated recently. Everything is retro-looking but in very good shape. Look how shiny the outside is! You can't miss the place.
Here's the view from our table. I feel weird sitting at a counter - even a bar. It's awkward to talk to the person you're with, and it feels like I'm staring at the waitstaff while they're trying to work.Love the red stools, checkered floor, and faux pressed-tin ceiling! This place even has a jukebox!
Here's our meal! We each got a basic breakfast special for about six bucks. I think this is an "earlybird" (I'm pretty sure it goes til 10am, though, so not exactly early) special on the weekdays. Everything was delicious and the service was very friendly.
We entertained ourselves by perusing the menu descriptions. Wish I had gotten a Chubby Checker Cinnamon Roll. What I really wanted was a piece of cream pie; they had all kinds and lots of malts and shakes, too. Ultimately, I decided it was too early in the day for me. I was really tempted, though.


Anonymous said...

I wonder why 'french connection' is called 'french connection.'

Emily said...

I think it is completely weird when people sit in a booth or table on the same side with NO ONE opposite them. I told CJ if he ever tries that crap then it's grounds for divorce.