Friday, September 21, 2012

Target Highlights!

Do you get excited when there is new stuff in the "One Spot" at Target? I love it! Sometimes it is all just a bunch of plastic junk but I always keep my eye out. I was super impressed with the stuff I found on my last trip. Sometimes Target is so on trend! I got some of the woodgrain print wrapping paper above. I really want the newspaper print but had to hold myself back. Even dollars add up :(
 I did buy this awesome gift bag and some of the paper bowls shown below (the ones with the overlapping dots). There were a ton of other things I wanted. Now is a good time in the One Spot.

 Also, in case you haven't noticed, Halloween has arrived! Bwah-ha-ha! Love Target's expanded mask selection this year. I'm wondering what color the inside of a Cadbury "scream egg" is - green? purple? both? I wasn't curious enough to buy one. Cadbury eggs are super gross.

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Anonymous said...

ewww. scream eggs. the name itself sounds terrible. haha