Sunday, September 16, 2012

Revisiting Jim's Apple Farm (Minnesota's Largest Candy Store)

Pumpkins at Jim's Apple Farm.
 Those of you who have read my blog, know of my love for Jim's Apple Farm. I went there first last year and wrote up a little post:

Well, it just so happens that I went to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival this weekend and Jim's Apple Farm is just 20 minutes further down the road. My nephew LOVES root beer. Since they have a zillion different kind of root beer (maybe more like 87 but don't quote me on that), I thought it was time for him to visit his Root Beer Mecca.

Jim's remains awesome, bright yellow, and still only takes cash or check. They have changed a few displays around and have lots of seasonal gourds and such for sale outside. They have a bigger selection of cookie cutters in all different shapes and more decorating sprinkles.

 Tons of apples available, too!
Non-edible but cool-looking corn

This display is new since I went there last. All the old favorites are here!

Ferris Wheel o' Fun by the cash registers at Jim's Apple Farm

I got a bottle of this  Dang! That's Good root beer. How could I resist? I haven't tried it yet but I'll let you know. The nephew got four bottles of different brands to do a mini taste test.

They have a large selection of maple syrups and  other maple products on hand. Love real maple candy!

The maple syrup display at Jim's Apple Farm
Bacon candy has its own not-so-little display area. This includes bacon jam, bacon fudge, bacon mints, and the above Bacon Frosting.

Some Halloween candy at Jim's Apple Farm


Anonymous said...

The lip pops look horrible. Who would buy/eat them?

Emily said...

Cookie cutters, you say? I'm making some things using them for my clay stuff. Maybe I should head over there. Want to go back on Sunday?

Cherish said...

Yes, there are lots of cookie cutters. I didn't buy any because I have bucketloads. Let me know if you want to borrow any!