Friday, September 28, 2012

Brainerd Trip - Some Sights

There are many "Babe the Blue Ox" statues around town. This one is at the golf course near Cragun's.
A really weird "honor system" outdoor second-hand store. There was nothing worth stealing.
I never got around to sharing some of my other photos from our Brainerd trip. I'ts been a very long week so please excuse the picture-heavy post. I have lots of projects that are in progress but haven't had any time to work on them lately. Hopefully, I'll be posting some of them soon!

There IS good shopping in Nisswa but the cute little shopping area is right off the highway and looks like a strip mall at first. Trust me - it sort of branches off into a little "main street" with cute shops and some cafe-type places.

The ubiquitous Babe right by the Paul Bunyun Trail in Nisswa

Paul and Babe outside a shop in Nisswa. Babe has a murderous rage in his eyes - perhaps it discourages shoplifters?

Pirate mini-golf on Hwy 371. There are two courses. I didn't try the other one, but Blackbeard's Challenge was cool. They even had factoids about Blackbeard at each hole.
This guy is serious about guarding his booty- and his stuff, too.

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