Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thrift Score - Vintage Books

 I stopped by the Goodwill today and picked up these cute little vintage books. They were a dollar each so I scooped them up! These are little - slightly bigger than the size of a wallet. They're from the early 40's and have great "patina" (aka wear and tear).

The illustrations inside are pretty, too, but I have to admit I got these books for their covers. I'm thinking of making wallets or maybe little notebooks/journals. I also got a Wilton cake-decorating book from the '70's. It's hilariously dated but has some great tutorials for making buttercream flowers and lots of other techniques.

I have a weakness for vintage books. I went to the Goodwill to look for clothes for my Halloween costume but somehow managed to walk out with books instead. It happens all too often :)

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