Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Big Bog State Park

Carnivorous plants in Big Bog State Park

Here's a little photo-essay about Big Bog State Park. My family has gone camping there a couple times now (I went last summer but was not able to go with the family this summer), and it's a beautiful place. It is located way up in northern Minnesota, on Upper Red Lake, so it's a great getaway from the city.

The beach faces west, and the sunsets over the lake are truly amazing. Usually the beach is great for swimming, but my sister tells me the water levels are pretty low this summer. There's an abundance of sandbars, and you can walk out quite a ways without getting into deep water.

There is a placid river that runs through the campground with lots of little docks. It's great for fishing!

One of the most unique features of the park is the peat bog. According to the DNR website, the peat bog is the largest in the lower 48 states! There is a mile-long boardwalk that allows visitors to walk through the bog.
Here is a link to the DNR's website: http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/state_parks/big_bog/index.html. In addition to the campsites, there are some lovely camper cabins available.
This one is from last year. One of my first fish! Of course, this little guy got thrown back. I did catch some later in the day that were big enough to eat for lunch.
 Some of these pictures are from last year and some are from this year. Most of them were taken by my sister, since I wasn't able to go on the trip this year.

Sunset over Upper Red Lake
The Tamarac River

A cloudy day on Upper Red Lake

My parents dog loves to sit on the dock and gaze into the water. I wonder if he sees little fish down there or if he's just enchanted with his reflection?

Here is a photo of the beach on Upper Red Lake. This one is from this summer - notice how low the water levels are!


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