Saturday, September 29, 2012


It's hard to tell in this photo, but this gnome is about six feet tall and lives in a front yard down the street.

View of the Cathedral from across the Missippi. The leaves they are at 50% peak according to the news.

I drove by this little valley every day on the way to pastry school and never had time to take a photo. Beautiful, isn't it?

Another place I have driven by a million times and never had a chance to stop. My sister and I decided to go there today. This market and deli is located in Lilydale - right off Hwy 13.

We got a piece of chocolate cake and this banana cake with cream cheese frosting. The frosting was amazing - light and airy, tangy and just sweet enough. Maybe they use a special kind of cream cheese?

A shot of the interior - the deli case and lunch counter is at the far left. They serve different salads, pasta, lasagne and pizza! It all looked and smelled delicious.

These flags just looked really cool. I'm not sure what they signify - different regions of Italy? The refrigerated case holds gelato, lots of take-home meals that you can reheat such as pasta and lasagne, and pizza dough.

The market and deli also carries imported pasta, candy, drinks, wine, olive oil, vinegar and other Italian goods. We bought some anchovy paste.

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